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About the Pack

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We are of the elite, the feared, the honored. We are the Hexers.

You shall hail your Masters as “Kruziik” of the old Dragon Tongue. For the disease we’ve spread from the Other Side to your World has reached all ends, all generations. Our work, our legacy, while far from complete, extends to you. Should you choose to accept our Sos’Gron, you will embark in a new life. In return for your complete and utter submission and freedom, we will give you the ability to unlock the potential you have been keeping dormant within your Joor essences. We will mold you into the beings your Ancestors from the Other Side intended; powerful beyond the Magicks of this World. So I say to you my friend, “Aav fin Ronax… Join the Regiment..”

Terms To Know:

Hexers: Supernatural beings of the Old World/Other Side whose purpose is to give life to the hibernating potential within special mortals of the New World.

Ronax (Regiment): The “Pack” of mortal Students in training by the Hexers.

Sos’Gron (Blood-Bind): A blood-binding initiation and contract that joins Students to their Hexers. This is done by opening a wound at the base of the Student’s skull. Once a sizeable injury is made, the Hexer crushes the strange stone between His/Her jaws, allowing a small amount of its core liquid to seep out. The liquid is then carefully spilled into the fresh wound, binding with the blood of the Student. Previous Students have described the process as simple agony. This unification of blood and liquid grants the Student the ability to tap into his or her potentials in ways previously never used, but at a price. The Student must ingest the liquid weekly in order to keep breathing and use his or her powers. Once a Student has reached their furthest potential, the liquid no longer has any effect. The second part of this ritual involves a mauling of the new Student by all other members in order to discover where the Student’s abilities lie, and which Title he/she shall receive.

Revak Golz (Sacred Stone): This is the stone magically inserted into the dragon pendant Hexers wear. While it seems solid, when crushed between a Hexer’s jaws, it releases the silver liquid easily from its core. The stone is a living supernatural being of itself, and replenishes the vital liquid instantaneously.

Joor (Mortal)/Joore (Mortals): The slang term given to the Students of the Regiment.

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