Rules of the Pack

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Rules of the Pack

Post  Admin on Wed Oct 19, 2011 1:48 am

Laws of the Regiment:

1. The Hexers hold highest authority, and your survival in their command. If a Hexer is disobeyed, appropriate punishment may ensue. A Hexer holds the right to refuse a Student their weekly dose of liquid.

2. All upper ranks deserve respect in accordance to their ranks, and hold the right to certain punishments once having consulted with a Hexer.

3. Roleplay will be strictly literate. Samples are required from each member, and Hexers have the right to refuse membership. There will be no auto-hitting, power playing, or killing of members without their permission. Allow room for an escape to an attack, but stay realistic enough to take a hit. Posts should contain a minimum of three sentences.

4. Taking mates is welcome, as is having pups. No insta-mating. Mates must be formed within the Regiment. No outsiders are welcome.

5. Language in Local will be kept mild and appropriate.

6. Maturity is expected of everyone. Please do not start unnecessary drama.

7. Activity is a must, lest you be cleared from the Group.

8. You are allowed to be in other packs, as long as they are not enemies.

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